The 2021 Election cycle is upon us, and we have a LOT of work to do. But we can’t do it without your help. We need you to help us stoke the flames of God, Country, and Liberty right here in our little neck of the woods… Floyd County.

The Republican Party of Floyd (RPFC), the home of conservatism in Floyd County, is currently seeking candidates for the following Constitutional Offices In Floyd County:

  • Mayor of the Town of Floyd
  • Town Councilman, Floyd
  • Town Councilman, Floyd
  • Board of Supervisors, Courthouse District
  • Board of Supervisors, Indian Valley District

We are also looking for people to join our team here, in the RPFC. We need people to assist us in securing our future, and the futures of our children. We are looking for people to join the RPFC.

If you have any interest in getting involved with the process of seeking local office, Reach out to us. We’re Here to Help! Just click here: Contact Us! Send us a message, and we will get you well on your way to taking America, Virginia, and Floyd back from the radical leftism that is attacking our core American Values. Don’t wait.

Join us today!